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Need a boost?
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Golden or silver?  Striped or printed? High waist or low waist?

How to reflect my personality through my image?

Targeted support around 4 major themes to create a harmonious image for you, which looks like you, in which you feel confident, beautiful and good in your ankle boots.

Sourire femme
Colliers couleur

Votre luminosité

Illuminez votre visage en choisissant subtilement les couleurs de vos accessoires et de votre maquillage

et découvrez grâce aux harmonies comment mixer les couleurs entres-elles!

Femme sur un pont

Votre corps

A, H, I, X, V... Ici pas de cours de géométrie mais une approche humaine et douce sur votre corps.
Découvrez votre morphologie et apprenez harmonieusement à vous mettre en valeur.
Vous serez tout, tout, tout sur les matières, les coupes, les imprimés, les couleurs, les accessoires...
qui sont fait pour vous!

Rétro fille

Votre signature

Votre style, c'est vous!

Les couleurs,  les coupes, les tissus, les accessoires, la manière dont vous mixez le tout, reflète ce que vous aimez, votre personnalité, votre mode de vie, votre grain de folie...

Découvrez vos looks idéals et (re)trouvez le plaisir de vous habiller chaque matin!


Votre visage

À travers une analyse de votre physiologie (forme de votre visage) et de la texture de vos cheveux, découvrez votre coupe idéale ainsi que tous les accessoires  mettant votre visage en valeur tout en soulignant vos traits de beauté et votre personnalité.

L'instant "make-up  parfait" viendra illuminer la fin de cet atelier.

"Targeted support to shine and become

the most beautiful version of yourself! "

"The best image consulting techniques for you."

Simple, fast and effective!

1 .
Let's go!


Validation of your coaching.


Sends your discovery questionnaire.


You send me some pictures of you. (portrait and single storey)


The details of the shots will be emailed to you with examples, no stress, it's quick and easy!

All  this information is important because it will allow me to be precise and relevant in my analyzes and my recommendations.

2 .
Your coaching  - 3h

Your coaching in 4 steps

  • Colorimetry workshop

  • Morphology workshop

  • Style workshop

  • Visagiste hairdressing workshop

Receipt of your e-book


Receipt of your personalized e-book summarizing the results of your  4  workshops .

Included in your e-book

  •   Your color chart

  •   Your morphological file

  •   Your style moodboard

  •   Your hairdressing book

  • Your tailor-made list of ethical shopping and services. (clothes, make-up, care, hairdressers ...)  

Everything will be personalized and illustrated with many visuals for greater clarity.

Follow-up - 1h


30 minutes

Friendly moment of exchange or you can give me a feedback on your  book, your coaching ...

I will answer all your questions.

30 minutes

The following weeks you will see a real change in the way you dress, do your hair, put on make-up ... 

New questions will come to your mind, I will answer them with great  pleasure .

"Boost your self-confidence and develop your charisma

by getting to know you better. "

Image coaching

- Essential -

Your personalized support

  € 420

Included in your image coaching

  • Your "Essential" questionnaire  

  • 3 hours of private coaching

  • Your personalized e-book including the summary of your coaching as well as your  mood board of styles, morphology guide, board  accessories  and hairdressing book.

  • Your color chart

  • Your guide to ethical shopping

  • Your follow-up: 1 hour interview 

Ready to deploy your charisma to shine in beauty?

  Why wait any longer when it is


that you feel the need to make things happen?

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