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100% Feminine - Ethical - Online

Sourire femme




+ 10h of coaching

  Learn how to show off  and  give power to your image with daring, pep 'and harmony.

a Complete personalized support and tailor-made image consulting, adapted to your needs and your pace. 

Femme avec foulard




4 hours of coaching

Unfold your aura!

Targeted support to boost your self-confidence

and shine with all your beauty.




1 hour of coaching

1h30 of coaching

to achieve your goal!

Elegance, femininity, maturity, authenticity ...

To each their own objectives and

each objective has its own codes.

Do yourself good by getting to know yourself better.

Freely choose the workshop you need and make your image evolve smoothly, according to your desires.

Femmes dansantes





2 hours of coaching

Caring education


A fun and benevolent workshop to support  your child towards his harmony so that he always feels comfortable in his sneakers, ready to conquer the world!


Your  image talks about you and tells your story.

In a meeting, 93% of the  perception is related to non-verbal communication.
Far from being superficial, it is a powerful vector of communication and expression.

Communicating through your image requires excellent knowledge of yourself: your body and your  personality. Coaching in Image & Harmony allows you to get to know each other better in order to shine in beauty.

Thanks to Image & Harmony coaching you will:

  • Show off and feel good in your ankle boots.

  • Put yourself in the spotlight and reveal your personality, your beauty, your identity.

  • Boost your self-confidence and reveal your potential.

  • Harmonize your image with your personality.

  • Gain presence and leadership.
  • Adapt your look to your needs.
  • Play with your image however you like.
  • Make your life easier by creating an effective dressing room with ideal outfits.
  • Participate in fairer and more responsible fashion by making ethical consumption choices.
  • Simply do you good!


100% Ethical - Online


I suggest you take a fresh and positive look at fashion by participating in the development of responsible and committed fashion. 
By favoring brands that are more transparent, respectful of our planet and committed to human rights, we will shape the world of tomorrow with our values, our vision, our aspirations.
I am committed to providing you with beautiful, responsible brands that are good for our planet, our skin and gentle on our finances.
Together, let's go further ...


Flexibility, accessibility, efficiency.

We know the importance of taking care of ourselves, but our lives as women, as mothers, are intense and it is often difficult to make time for ourselves.

An expatriate for almost 20 years, I know the importance of taking an enchanted break in the frenzied whirlwind of our lives.

I have developed my online coaching so that it allows you, at your convenience, at your own pace and in the comfort of your home, to take care of yourself and achieve your goals with confidence.

"Montrez qui vous êtes avec justesse et audace !"

Vos mots doux...


Lucie (Directrice financière)
Conseil en image "Complet"

À 46 ans, je me sens, enfin, merveilleusement moi!
Entre un travail passionnant mais très prenant, mes 3 enfants  et une vie sociale bien remplie,je me suis éloignée, doucement mais sûrement, de la femme féminine, dynamique et élégante que j'étais.C'est un véritable travail en profondeur que j'ai fais avec Fabienne. Elle à su m'accompagner avec écoute et bienveillance.À travers nos échanges, j'ai pu redéfinir mes besoins, mes objectifs et mes envies.J'ai re-découvert mes vêtements ceux que j'aime et ceux qui ne me correspondent plus.J'ai trouvé mon style, plus audacieux.
Je sais et je vois, enfin, ce qui me va.
 J'ose plus de couleurs, de mélanges, d'accessoires, je m'amuse!À 46 ans, je me sens enfin merveilleusement moi. Grâce à Fabienne, j'ai gagné en paix et luminosité intérieur. Je me suis harmonisée.Je me sens plus forte, plus femme, plus audacieuse, tellement mieux dans ma peau!
Fabienne est une super coach, à l'écoute, joyeuse et professionnelle.
Mon seul regret? ne pas l'avoir connu plus tôt! Un grand Merci à toi Fabienne."

Voir +
A question? I call you!

Thank you for your trust.

Looking forward to seeing you!

May your day be sweet,  


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