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Need a helping hand with your children?
Opt for "happy kids" coaching

Playful and benevolent, "Happy kids" coaching is a workshop for parents

who wish to learn to dress their children in respect of their body and

of their personality  so that they always feel good in their sneakers and become young, fulfilled people, ready to take on the world!


Let's decode the needs of your child so that he always feels good in his body and in his head!

How can we help our children to love themselves if we do not give them the tools to live well with their bodies and their image?


In my opinion, it is an educational issue that must be put in place during childhood.

Why the HAPPY KIDS workshops?
  • To help parents better understand, apprehend and support their child's relationship to the body and image.
  • To help children forge an authentic image that resembles them so that they always feel on top in their sneakers!
  • You will learn to recognize  clothes (shapes, materials) that correspond to the morphology and needs of your child so that he learns to live serenely with the curves of his body.

  • You will discover the colors that boost and illuminate it.

  • You will teach him to build a harmonious image so that he knows - as he matures -  align his image with his personality to create an authentic image that resembles him .

  • During the shopping session you will immediately know what to buy or advise him.

I suggest that you set up a pro-active and benevolent approach with your child so that he can live, throughout his life, harmoniously with his body and know how to build the image that resembles him.

Simple, fast and effective

1 .
Before your workshop

  • Your "Happy Kids" discovery questionnaire

  • 30mins interview.

     This interview will allow us       to refine the preparation of your      workshop in order to answer             clearly to the needs of           your child

2 .
Your coaching
  -  1h30

Your coaching

I explain to youin details the looks, clothes, colors, accessories ... that will allow your child to feel comfortable in his sneakers ready to conquer the world!

3 .
Receipt of your e-book

Receipt of your child's personalized e-book summarizing your workshop.

4 .
30 mins follow-up

Let's stay connected!

Your follow-up will allow you to contact me to ask me all your questions as your child progresses and changes.



Well-being, confidence and self-esteem

  • Global well-being.
  • Sound reinforcement  love  clean and self-confident.  
  • No more negotiation or crises in the morning for  get dressed, the day starts serenely.
  • Discovery of the pleasure of dressing independently.
  • Realization that like a second skin, the garment must adapt to its body and not the other way around.
  • Discovery of his evolving body and  learning  techniques  bet  in value allowing him to feel comfortable in his sneakers.
  • Discovery of its universe and its associated styles.  
  • Understand the impact of your image on your environment.



Complicity, benevolence, sharing

  • Supporting your child towards harmony by helping them discover, understand and love themselves fully allows them to build a strong, precious and authentic parent / child bond.
  • Save time and money during shopping sessions which then become a real pleasure. Teach our children to "just consume" (not to over-consume through ignorance of oneself).
  • Transmitting a rewarding education by creating a virtuous circle of parents involved in the transmission and benefits of image counseling is to give them every chance to live well     his childhood, his adolescence and to enter the adult world serene and well in his sneakers!


Confidence & self-esteem

We can help our children to build a strong self-esteem and confidence in them by having a pro-active and caring education on the construction and their relationship to their image.
Consume fair & ethically
As you grow older, your child will naturally recognize the clothes that fit and feel good in them. He will learn to create a wardrobe that looks like him.
Knowing himself well will allow him not to
over-consume and will make him  a future responsible consumer.

"Transmission, education, benevolence"

€ 240

Well-being coaching 

- Happy kids -

A playful and benevolent accompaniment

280 €


Included in your coaching

  • Your "Happy kids" questionnaire.

  • 30 minutes of discovery interview.

  • 1h30 of private coaching.

  • Your child's complete and personalized e-book *.

  • A follow-up of 30mns.

* What does your child's e-book include?

- A Moodboard of personalized and detailed visuals corresponding to the harmony of your child

(Clothing, accessories, styles, colors, materials, decorative atmosphere)

- Tips and advice, adapted according to the age of the child, so that you know  buy, advise and give him advice 100%  adapted to his personality, morphology and style.

Ready to accompany your child towards his harmony?

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