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Need immediate changes?
Opt for "My Goals" coaching

Harmonize your image according to your objectives!
Targeted, tailor-made and subtly worked support responding to
your needs with accuracy and authenticity.


Fille avec un chapeau

Each has its own objectives and each objective has its own codes!

Simple, fast and effective

1 .
Before your workshop

  • Your discovery questionnaire "My objectives"  

Let's clarify your needs.

  • Interview 30 mns  

This interview us  will refine the  preparation of your workshop  in order to answer clearly  to your goals.

2 .
Your coaching - 1h30

Detailed explanations of  looks, clothes, styles, colors, accessories, hairstyles ... Indispensable to get your messages across with accuracy and authenticity.

3 .
Receipt of your e-book

Reception of your personalized e-book summarizing your workshop.

Included in your e-book

  • Your color chart.

  • your personalized moodboard with styles that meet your goals.

4 .
Follow-up - 30mns

Moment of exchange  friendly or you can give me a feedback on your book, your coaching and ask me all the questions you want, I will answer them with pleasure!

"Boost your self-confidence and develop your charisma

by getting to know you better. "

Image coaching

- My goals -

Your personalized and targeted support
  € 220

Included in your image coaching

  • Your "My goals" questionnaire

  • 1h30 of private coaching

  • Your personalized e-book containing the essentials of your coaching as well as your mood board of styles.

  • Your color chart.

  • Your ethical shopping listing.

  • Your follow-up: 30 minutes to answer all your last questions!

Ready to deploy your charisma to shine in beauty?

  " Why wait any longer when it is


that you feel the need to make things happen? "


Call me, I'm here for you!

Whatsapp / Signal: (+33) 7 60 37 24 77

4 .
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